Welcome to the website of C.W.A. local 1182 representing New York City Uniform Traffic & Sanitation Enforcement Agents. This website was created in an effort to better serve our members and to inform the public about the necessary services that we perform for the citizens of this great city. To our members we say, we hope this will allow us to serve you better. In that effort, we want you to tell us what you think and offer suggestions on how we can better represent you.

Local 1182 is here to serve and we do that in a variance of ways. First and foremost, we are advisors to the membership. And in keeping with that, we interpret the contract for the members. We pride ourselves in being the best day to day representing local in the city.

 Who are Traffic Enforcement Agents (TEAs)?

New York City’s Traffic Enforcement Agents ( TEAs) are law enforcement professionals employed by the New York City Police Department. They work Closely with, and supplement the effort of sworn police office and /or peace officers employed by the department. TEAs enforce the vehicles and traffic law, as well as certain provisions of New York City’s Administrative code. They also have significant responsibilities related to ensuring the smooth and orderly flow of traffic within the five boroughs. Like police offices, firefighters, corrections office and certain other personnel, TEAs are classified as part of New York City’s elite uniformed forces.

Who are Sanitation Enforcement Agents (SEAs)?

New York City’s Sanitation Enforcement Agents work hand in hand with the Sanitation Police and Uniformed Sanitation workers to ensure that our city is kept clean and disease free. SEAs responsibilities include issuing summonses for recycling violations, public health violations such as unleashed dogs, health code violations such as vendors not properly disposing of litter, license violations, illegal posting and the proper disposal of abandoned vehicles.  SEAs monitor compliance with the health and administrative laws governing the maintenance of clean streets, illegal dumping and proper storage and disposal of waste and recyclables by both residents and commercial establishments.

Sisters and Brothers:
I would like to thank all of you for electing me president of Local 1182. Whether you voted for me or not, I am here to represent all of our members to the best of my ability.
My first priority is negotiating a better contract. We have not had a new contract for six years, as former Mayor Bloomberg refused to give us a raise. Mayor Bill de Blasio has offered us a 10 percent salary increase. That is not enough.
We are generating lots of revenue for New York City, but we are grossly underpaid. Some of us make barely more than the minimum wage. We even have some members staying in shelters.
We are demanding significant improvements in base pay and other benefits for our TEAs and SEAs. We deserve to be paid a salary that enables us to earn a decent living and compensates us for the physical risks of the job. I have hired lawyers, a lobbyist, and an economist to help us win what we are worth.
Our safety is my other priority. Last month, ten of our members were assaulted by motorists in the Bronx alone. Assaulting a traffic enforcement agent is a felony punishable by up to seven years in prison, but that law is not adequately enforced. I will work to see that it is strictly enforced. We are scheduling meetings with the Police Department and the borough district attorneys.
I also intend to improve our working environment and increase our benefits. I will keep the membership fully informed about all developments at the bargaining table.
I came here to serve you better. I am working for all my brothers and sisters in Local 1182.
In solidarity,
Syed Rahim
CWA Local 1182

The Chief interviews President Rahim about upcoming union negotiations

President Rahim sat down with the Chief newspaper to discuss the upcoming union negoatiations with the City of New York.

Veteran/NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent Helps Apprehend Felon

President Syed Rahim - President President

President Syed Rahim

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Executive Vice-President Sokunbi Olufemi

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Traffic Vice-President Tammy Meadows

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